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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hollister Street Block Party -- Picture Share

On Saturday, we had our 1st annual Hollister St. Block Party. A handful of neighbors pitched in to plan it and the results were greater than we had anticipated. As you can see from the pictures below, there were quite a few people buzzing around--many neighbors from the block, along with friends from around the corner and other folks that got called down for the party.

I think this was a great event--not for what it accomplished--but for what it has begun. Now, it accomplished plenty...and I would be quite satisfied with the results. But I am anticipating and hoping for what will be generated from this Saturday evening together with our neighbors.

One example. Race. Now, pretty much everyone on our block is cordial and gets along. But race is still a factor. There aren't any hate crimes affecting us, but there are cultural oddities (from all parties) that affect our interactions. There are histories and events that impact us, even if we are ignorant of them. Even at our block party on this fairly diverse street (Latin-American, African-American, Anglo) there was still some self-imposed separation. People huddled with like kind. But as you will see in some of the pictures, the "colors" are blending together a little. These different colors serve to enhance the quality of the picture. Though "black and white" pictures may always be seen as "classic", we have to admit that "color" pictures display a vibrancy that is more fully ALIVE. I'm hopeful that our block party will generate both vibrant pictures...and a community that is MORE FULLY ALIVE because of the celebrated diversity.

This, the day before the Lord's Day, was my spiritual act of worship.